Track Registration

2016/17 Trainers Fee Structure & Track Rules

A Bunbury Turf Club (BTC) registered trainer is one that is registered with Racing & Wagering WA (RWWA) and has nominated this club as the recipient of his or her starters subsidy.
Trainers must also be registered with the BTC to use the facilities.

The below fee structure entitles the trainer to full use of the training facilities as governed by the track rules.

Track usage fees as of 1 August 2015 will be:

Jog Track/ Sand Usage Free
Grass Track Usage $8.80 per horse
Jump Outs Track Work Free
Jump Outs Trial Days $22.00 per horse

Please Note:

Payment of accounts are due within 30 days. Failure to pay accounts will result in sent to the RWWA Stewards Department for further follow up.

Access to the track will be denied for any trainer with an unpaid account.

Trainers must confirm with the Morning Track Work Manager, or BTC appointed representative, the number of horses that have used the grass and/or sand when leaving track work. Failure to do so will result in the BTC record being deemed to be correct and charges may not be disputed.